Foot Pain Complaints Ideal Feet Helps Their Customers Solve – Part 1

27 Dec

When your body is in perfect tune, every part of your day is easier. Likewise, when an injury or health condition begins to result in constant nagging pain, it is impossible to concentrate or function like a normal human being. One of the most common reasons for the body to feel out of tune is foot pain. At Ideal Feet, we help those chronic problems make the physical adjustments to get back to a pain free walk. Let’s take a look at the conditions behind most of our customers complaints.

Causes of Ideal Feet Complaints That We Help Solve

1.    Flat Feet – arch-less or flat footed individuals subject their bones, ligaments and muscles to more work in order to compensate for their misshaped foot. Doing so can result in pain as it increases pressure on the lower limbs. While you cannot re-shape your foot, you can still address this difficulty by seeking the help of a foot specialist who can plot out a treatment plan to curtail its development.

Flat feet are one of the most common complaints we hear at Ideal Feet. No amount of simple stretches or extra padding are going to be able to alleviate this problem. Instead, custom designed shoe inserts are needed to reshape your foot and give you the arch needed to put your body into complete alignment. Next we review arch pain.


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