Ideal Feet Complaints Due to Sport Injuries

16 Aug

Here we take a look at the most common Ideal Feet complaints related to sport injury foot pain. From the Super Bowl to the London Olympics, it is a given fact that majority of our population are sports fanatics, which is good, because sports breeds discipline, patience and commitment. On the downside, however, engaging in these kinds of strenuous and high impact injuries heightens the risk of injuries. In fact, recent studies reveal that the statistics for sports-related injuries are on the rise with sports such as basketball cycling and running leading the pack.

The good news is that most of these injuries are preventable the key is to identify these risks and understand what triggers them. Here we rank down 4 of the most common sports-related injuries and what you can do to relieve them:

Complaint 1 – Muscle Pulls

Ankle Strains – as most sports apply unnecessary strain or force on the ankle, the ligaments and joint supporting this part of the foot easily gives in from the stress leading to swelling and pain. Following a sprain, it is best to immediately take the weight off the affected foot and apply ice to minimize the elevation.

Hamstring Pull – as you run, your body puts intense strain on your hamstrings to support your movements. Under constant tension, this area can succumb to pain and when this happens, taking a respite from your daily training is your best step to correcting this condition.

Back Pain – almost all athletes experience back pains at certain points in their career which is typically triggered by over-working the back muscles through heavy lifting, twisting and bending. To prevent incurring the wrath of chronic back pain, remember to do simple stretching exercises to strengthen these core muscles.

Complaint 2 – Knee Pain

Simple as they may seem, your knees are actually complex joints that are vulnerable to many kinds of injuries:

Runner’s Knee – generally characterized by pain and inflammation either on the sides or on the lower knee cap, this injury is caused when your knee cap consistently rub against your knee cartilages when running.

Torn Meniscus – located on the interior and exterior edges of your knees are cartilages known as meniscus, which under sudden impact can twist and tear up igniting pain.

Complaint 3 – Achilles Tendinitis

As the biggest tendon in the human body, the Achilles tendon is subjected to extreme pressure especially among individuals active in sports. Overusing your body through intense exercise and fitness routines can inflame this tendon causing it rupture and cause pain. Apart from taking adequate rest, doing simple exercises to strengthen the muscles on your lower limbs can also do much to prevent this condition.

Complaint 4 – Stress Fractures

Under continuous trauma and force, the bones lining your lower limbs can crack and weaken under the pressure causing stress fractures. As your bones and muscles suffer from the strain, pain ensues disrupting you from your highly active lifestyle.

To keep away from this misery, make sure to include adequate amounts of calcium in your diet to strengthen your bones. When exercising, make sure to progress gradually to avoid over-exerting the muscles supporting your bones.

There you have it, 4 injuries that every sports enthusiast should keep an eye out for as we see them all the time in the Ideal Feet complaints department.


Complaints We Help Address at Ideal Feet – Part 3

29 Dec

We’ve already take a look at flat feet and arch pain; now we are going to talk about the 3rd common complaint the Ideal Feet staff hear about on a regular basis – heel pain.

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Now lets take a closer look at how important the heel is to your bodies proper mobility.

3.    Heel Pain – the fact that the heel bone is the biggest and most important of all the bones in the foot is already indicative of the vital role it plays in our mobility. As it is largely responsible for maintaining our physical stability, it is naturally more exposed to constant friction and tension that can render it weak. Although there are quite a number of contributors to this condition, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis are touted as the most common. Heel spurs refer to an abnormal bone enlargement on this area of the foot that can injure the muscles and tear the ligaments.  Plantar fasciitis, on the one hand, occurs when the line of tissue that scuttles from the ball of the foot to the heel, known as fascia, are inflamed.

It doesn’t matter if the problem is in your toe, heel, or arch; foot pain can affect every moment of your day. Ideal Feet employees listen to your complaints and help correct the physical issues causing the problem, so that you can regain your pain free walk again. Next up, we look at the Ideal Feet complaints caused by sports injury.

Review of the Causes of Ideal Feet Complaints – Part 2

28 Dec Ideal Feet Complaints - Foot Pain

You will probably never realize how many steps you take in a day until you begin to experience chronic pain with each placement of your foot. There is little that is as debilitating as losing the ability to walk or run without feeling a dull ache or sharp stab of pain.  At Ideal Feet, we talk to people every day who are tired of not being able to run or work out due to the health of their feet. Our job is to help educate and provide a custom tailored solution to the causes of their injury.

Today we take a look at the 2nd most common complaint we hear from Ideal Feet customers – that of arch pain.

2.    Arch Pain – Ever notice the bridge that runs along the lines of your foot? This area is called the arch which takes on much of your weight whenever you stand on your feet. As such, this specific region is prone to stress that can easily lead to swelling, tenderness and leg cramps.  Arch pain can also be indications of problems pertaining to obesity, poor blood circulation, and arthritis.

Pain along the arch is often confused with flat feet, but they are not the same issue. You can have perfectly formed arches that still ache consistently due to high impact activities like running or sports combined with improper support. When your arches begin to collapse due to being over-stressed, the entire alignment of your feet, knees, and back is disrupted, which can lead to aches and pains throughout your body.

That painful lower back could really be an arch support problem, which is why it is important to speak with a doctor about your feet and keep them healthy. We at Ideal Feet hear complaints about foot pain all the time and are happy to answer what questions we can, so let us know how we can be of service. Stay tuned for our 3rd installment of problems we can help solve where we look at heel pain complaints.

Foot Pain Complaints Ideal Feet Helps Their Customers Solve – Part 1

27 Dec Plantar Fasciitis - Common Foot Pain Complaint

When your body is in perfect tune, every part of your day is easier. Likewise, when an injury or health condition begins to result in constant nagging pain, it is impossible to concentrate or function like a normal human being. One of the most common reasons for the body to feel out of tune is foot pain. At Ideal Feet, we help those chronic problems make the physical adjustments to get back to a pain free walk. Let’s take a look at the conditions behind most of our customers complaints.

Causes of Ideal Feet Complaints That We Help Solve

1.    Flat Feet – arch-less or flat footed individuals subject their bones, ligaments and muscles to more work in order to compensate for their misshaped foot. Doing so can result in pain as it increases pressure on the lower limbs. While you cannot re-shape your foot, you can still address this difficulty by seeking the help of a foot specialist who can plot out a treatment plan to curtail its development.

Flat feet are one of the most common complaints we hear at Ideal Feet. No amount of simple stretches or extra padding are going to be able to alleviate this problem. Instead, custom designed shoe inserts are needed to reshape your foot and give you the arch needed to put your body into complete alignment. Next we review arch pain.